Brompt is good for Newsletters

Just ran across a tip for using on the E-Marketing Masterclass Blog on a post called Adding a “How To” into your e-newsletter.

Problem: you need to create content for next month’s e-newsletter, but somehow time just seems to have slipped by. It’s now too late to do anything, so you have no option but to cancel the forthcoming issue. Bad for readers, bad for sales.

Solution: Set up a free nagging service online and remind yourself when you need to make a start on each issue, ahead of time. Set it up once only. will send you your own reminder e-mails at ’semi-unpredictable intervals’. You can add in your colleagues if you like, so the whole team gets nagged at once. will do the same for you if your e-newsletter runs off your latest blog post (like this e-Masterclass does here at TMB from my e-Masterclass blog). It sees if you have not posted for a while and nags you. Excellent!

So chalk up another great use for Brompt: reminding people to write their e-newsletter.