It's tough being the Brompt server

As some of you may have been noticing Brompt has had a smidge of server trouble over the last few days. This has unfortunately been affecting new sign-ups and we're sorry about that... but we're now up and running and better than ever.

Long story short: we've gone through a growth spurt in the past month with a lot of new traffic and sign-ups. Every time someone signs up we do a delicate dance of fetching and validating your RSS feed to ensure we aren't promising you a reminder we can't deliver. Somehow, somewhere, something went wrong, and our server started throwing errors like the CEO of a billion dollar software company throws chairs.

We worked with our hosting provider to diagnose and fix the errors... except they couldn't, and reviewing the server logs and seeing a lot of other ugly bunnies under the hood, we decided to make a switch.

So now we're chugging along on new server hardware with nary a peep of problems. Brompt is now smarter, faster, stronger than before, and that means better too.