New Years Resolutions


It's 2009. Celebrate! If one of your resolutions is to be a better blogger, I hope that Brompt can help. Then again, if one of your resolutions is to spend less time in your email, maybe our reminders won't be so effective... but it's the thought that counts.

At Brompt HQ, we've got a few Development Resolutions:

  • Individualized charts and statistics: we're not the NSA, but if you've been with us for a while, we have collected some interesting metadata on your blogging habits. We're going to try to make that info available to you in some useful (and visual) manner.
  • Blog Widgets: if Brompt is helping you blog better, we'd like to give you the option to advertise your aspirational blogging goals---and how well you're meeting them.

I sincerely hope it doesn't take the full year to roll these out, so be looking for them soon... I really don't want to code together a development reminder system!