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  1. Why would I use this?
  2. My feed won't work!
  3. I didn't get a reminder / I didn't need a reminder
  4. Where's "The Social"?
  5. What does "Brompt" mean?
  6. About the site and creator

Why would I use this?

For some people blogging doesn't come easily or regularly. We have tons of things we want to write about, but blogging doesn't always come to mind when we do have the time.

Brompt tries to be a simple system to get your blog and its needs in front of you on a regular basis. And, Brompt tries to be smart about reminding you: it uses your RSS Feed to only send you email reminders when you need them. Of course, if you ignore your email, that's a different issue.

My feed won't work!

There are a couple different reasons why your feed may not be working. Are you sure you put in the URL of your blog's feed and not just of your blog? (there is a difference) Your RSS Feed has a different web address than your blog. Most blogging platforms put a link at the top, bottom, or side of the page with something like "Subscribe" or simply "RSS". You can also look for this logo .

If you're totally sure that you have the right URL, you might have an error within your feed. Sometimes you might have some non-standard content (like a javascript widget or flash movie) in your feed and it's borking up our parser. Right now Brompt uses Drupal's built in Aggregator, which we know has a couple issues. Hopefully it will improve or we'll try something else.

Brompt can also use Atom Feeds, but sometimes they don't always work perfectly.

And if you're still confused, this is our favorite explanation of what an RSS Feed is and does: How to explain RSS the Oprah way

I didn't get a reminder / I didn't need a reminder

In order to keep the servers running healthy, we only check feeds every 12 hours. So you may not be receiving a reminder exactly after 24 hours, or 168 hours (that's 1 week), or whenever, depending on your settings. This means we'll be within a day of accuracy. If it's life or death, please don't rely on us—don't sue us either.

Where's "The Social"?

We happen to believe that you can still launch a useful and successful website without a buddylist. Some things are just between you and a webserver and no one else. Of course, someone will probably go ahead and turn this into a Facebook application that, when you don't blog, will send a message to all your friends, coworkers, and significant others about how you're a lazy sod who can't fulfill simple commitments.

What does Brompt mean?

Brompt = Blog + Prompt

So the name sounds like grumpy moving boxes—that perhaps eat little kids (thanks Morgan). So what? It's getting hard to come up with meaningful website names. All the decent alternatives were already taken, mostly by ad squatters.

About the Creator

Brompt was created by Ben Sheldon who is a lousy, irregular blogger that would rather futz around building a complete reminder service than actually blog. That whole story on the front page; that's me. I was greatly inspired by Chris Lightfoot and Etienne Pollard's HassleMe, a similar but simpler (though perhaps more artful) service.

If you like Brompt, you might also like, a complete thesaurus formatted as an innovative (well, I think so) navigable tag-cloud.

This website is built on top of the Drupal content management system and is a testament to Drupal's versatility (though to be honest, Ruby on Rails would have been a fine alternative). It's basically a big, custom module. The logo uses the Omnes font by Joshua Darden.

Privacy Statment: Brompt won't share or sell your email addresses with anyone. We might send you a rare email letting you know about new features or changes. We do aggregate anonymous statistics about reminders, but only for giggles.